77.io - the most ordered domain in park.io history

We got the domain 77.io today and it is now in a 10-day auction. What a great domain - so lucky and short and rare. There are only a handful of lucky people in the world with 77-dot-any-TLD. It is no surprise that this domain has broken the record for the most backordered domain in park.io history - and by a long shot. There were 31 orders placed for this domain, as compared to 18 for the 2nd most-ordered domain (which was another 2-character .io domain - YL.IO).

Oh and 77.com sold for $5,000,000 this past December. 77.top sold last July for CN„ 160,000 (just over $24,000).

There is a lot of interest in this gem - good luck to all bidders!