Another nice flip: for $3k

It’s great to see more park.IO users making a lot of money on domain flips. Popular domain investor and blogger Morgan Linton bought the domain on park.IO for $99 a few months ago, and just sold it for $3,000. That’s a cool profit of around $2,900 in just a few months!

Morgan Linton's flip of

And this isn’t a one-off random lucky sale - this happens all the time. We have written about how Morgan Linton has done it before, and so have many many other users. We cover only a small portion that we notice on the blog, but there are many times this that we don’t hear about or don’t have permission to write about.

It’s not always easy to know which ones will sell, but the great thing about domains on is that they were once registered, so you know that there is at least some demand for these names. Also, often times you can grab a domain with a lot of existing traffic, which is valuable.

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