Your park.IO success story

It’s great to see park.IO users making money on domain flips - you can check out our blog to read a lot of success stories. Many domains that don’t go to auction (because only one person places a backorder) still generate a nice profit. For example, user hexorx bought the domain on park.IO for $99 a few months ago, and just sold it privately for $500. That’s over 400% profit! Congrats to hexorx for a nice flip.

If you flip one domain like this, you can scale the profits and buy 4 more domains. Then if you sell just 2 of these, you can buy several more. And so on. And the nice thing about getting domains on is that you know they are likely to be desirable since they were registered previously. Some of them even have a lot of existing backlinks and a nice google page rank.

A lot of domains are sold privately and we don’t know about them and can’t write your success story, so make sure to let us know when you flip a domain - just email us at and let us know the details.

Make sure to check the domains dropping in the next week to find a domain you can flip (or use for your own project). Also, sign up for the park.IO newsletter to get updates on sales and domains that are dropping soon.