Recent domain steals

Honestly I believe most purchases on are great deals and many users flip them within months for multiple times their return on investment. However, there are a few sales that go by that sell for WAY too low. Here are some of them:

  • only one person ordered the domain, so they got it for just $99
  • sold for just $255 in auction - this one can easily sell for many thousands. I personally would pay $1k right now for it
  •, at $375, is a true steal - this could easily go for 5-figures. I sold a couple months ago for $10,000 and I probably sold way too low because I think the same buyer got for $89,000
  • Whoever got for $913 basically stole it because this is an incredibly rare and awesome domain. Should be more like $9000.
  • sold for just $221 (!) - this is an awesome domain hack for the spanish word “gato” (cat). Think of all of the cat pics on the internet!

Congrats to the buyers of these awesome domains - you got some gems for a steal!