1264% profit on his first park.IO domain flip

Flippa Super Seller Federer is a Super Seller for a reason - he knows his stuff. Using park.IO’s domain backordering service, he snapped socialmedia.io for only $99 less than 2 weeks ago, on October 10th. He put it up for auction last week and today it sold for $1,350. That’s a 1264% profit - not bad!

I asked Federer how he did it and he says: “I have 530 followers and do amazing write-ups.” You can tell by the description on his listing, he also does a lot of research.

He’s hardly the first to make a huge profit on a domain backordered with park.IO - read our blog to see other examples (and at least one more to come soon). Check out the domains dropping in the next week to find a domain you can flip (or use for your own project), and make sure to sign up for the park.IO newsletter to get updates on sales and domains that are dropping soon.