getting crazy traffic

We were able to get when it dropped on Thursday. It’s a pretty awesome and short domain in itself, but we weren’t expecting the huge amount of traffic to this domain. Check out the increase in the number of web requests to before and after we directed all traffic from the domain to the auction page:

traffic increase from

It brought down the website for a few minutes because our servers couldn’t scale fast enough!

It got too intense, so instead of sending all traffic to the auction page (which is what we normally do for any domain auctions), I’ve redirected all traffic to a custom landing page.

It looks like used to be a “URL compression service.” There are thousands and thousands of backlinks to this domain and it is getting around 600 requests per minute!

An active domain like this could be very valuable for building off of all of the backlinks for some great SEO, or building a site that already has enormous traffic.