domain auction starts - most backordered domain ever was able to snatch the domain before any of the other drop catchers, just as it dropped from expiration this morning. The 10-day public domain auction for started today, tied for the most backordered domain in history with 10 backorders. also received 10 backorders prior to going to auction last December.” makes an awesome domain hack, because “IM” means “instant message” and what do you do with instant messages? You send them “to” other people - so is really cool. It’s also extremely short - only 4 characters in total which is the equivalent length of a 1-character .com.

It will be interesting to watch the auction play out, as it is clearly a valuable domain and could make some nice money on a flip on Flippa - similar to “” (sold for $4,000), or “” (sold for $2,750).

The domain was registered since 2007 before it expired and dropped this morning.