.io, .ac and .sh registry changes

The .io, .ac and .sh registries have changed management to Afilias. The two biggest changes that users will notice are:

  • Much fewer domains will be deleted and listed on park.io for the next 35 days. After that, the lists should return to normal. This is because the deletion policy and grace period has been updated during the migration to Afilias.
  • Previously, you could transfer .io, .ac and .sh domains immediately after registering them. However Afilias does not allow transfers within 60 days after a domain is registered. This was already the case for .me, .vc, .mn, .bz, .ag, .sc, .lc, and is now also the case for .io, .ac and .sh.

If you have any questions, please email us at support@park.io

UPDATE: There have been a lot of general questions emailed to me about this, so I am updating this post to include some Q&A. These questions don’t really have to do with park.io, but I am adding them to help .io investors understand more about the transition:

What about the nic.io registry backorders?

They have been discontinued. You can no longer buy nic.io registry backorders. Any backorders purchased from them in the past will be honored by Afilias.

Why are there so few domains dropping in the next 35 days?

This is because Afilias auto-renewed all expired domains when they took over management on June 10. Any domains that had previously expired and were about to drop now have to go through the deletion grace period again.

Where are the previously existing nic.io features?

In addition to backorders, some reports and features have been removed from nic.io. You can contact their support team if you have specific questions.