More user success stories

It’s great to see park.IO users make a lot of money on domain flips. We haven’t been able to keep up with all of them, but here are a few recent ones we found out about:

  • Mark Levine tweeted about how his “ROI on .io domain sales in 2016 was 12x-15x. This gtld has been consistently good for resale since the beginning.”

ROI on .io domain sales in 2016

He sold seven .io domains in 2016 and 6 out of those 7 he got on Congratulations, Mark, on a great year! That is pretty awesome.

  • User heathermhuang sold the domain for $2,000 - he got it on for $99. This guy is good - he consistently gets great domains and always seems to do well. Congratulations again!
  • We noticed that the domain just sold on Flippa for $900 and was bought on for $150. That’s about a 6x return on investment - not bad!

It’s not always easy to know which ones will sell, but the great thing about domains on is that they were once registered, so you know that there is at least some demand for these names. Also, often times you can grab a domain with a lot of existing traffic, which is valuable.

Check out our blog to see other success stories, and make sure to check the domains dropping in the next week to find a domain you can flip (or use for your own project). Also, sign up for the park.IO newsletter to get updates on sales and domains that are dropping soon.