New features and updates: .vc, karma, credit

We’ve added .vc domains to, and have plans to add some other ccTLDs in the next week or two. You can peruse dropping .vc domains here.

Another thing we’ve added is user karma. You can see your karma after you log in - it is next to your username in the top right of the page, or you can also see it from your Account Details page (by clicking your username). We needed a way to track user trust, because of some recent issues with payment fraud, and so we came up with this metric. Users with higher karma gain access to new features before others. They also have fewer restrictions on their account. You get karma for successful backorders and winning auctions.

Another feature is the ability to credit/prepay your account. This makes it easy for paying for orders or auctions with bitcoin or paypal. Also, by paying up front you add trust, so your account gets double the karma. Instructions for crediting your account can be found on your Account Details page (by clicking your username).

Besides these things, we’ve made some general bug fixes and UI updates, and updates to the mobile version.