There are no more 2-character .io domains

I posted in October the last remaining 131 2-character .io domains. I checked them again last night and they are now all gone.

The domain was registered on July 15th, which was the last available 2-character .io domain:

Domain Handle :	DOM-309097
Domain Name :
Domain Status :	Live
First Registered :	2015-07-15
Last Updated :	2015-07-15
Expiry :	2016-07-15

What was the first? was registered by Disney way back on Feb 3rd, 1999, which I think was the 2nd .io domain ever registered (the first was

Domain Handle :	DOM-71660
Domain Name :
Domain Status :	Live
First Registered :	1999-02-03
Last Updated :	2014-08-16
Expiry :	2015-11-25

When will the last of the 3-character .io domains be registered? There are still a lot left, but if the huge recent spike in interest in .io domains continues, it won’t be as long as we think.