We are now the 69th largest domain broker in the world

The “hacker TLDs” - .io, .ly, etc.. - are on fire lately. There is a huge demand for these domains, because they represent companies that are the best at what they do. Why would you get any other TLD (ok, except for maybe .com) when state of the art companies are building amazing technologies on .io and .ly domains? There is a hacker culture behind these TLDs, and it is gaining momentum. Savvy domain investors have taken notice.

park.IO is the best backorder service for these domains, and because of this we are now the 69th largest broker of domains in the world. We recently pushed ahead of Divido, NameBrokers, Registrars.co.uk and are now closing in on NamePros at 66.

And we only launched our service 7 months ago.

Thank you to all of our customers and users, for paying to use the product we worked hard to build, and for all of your feedback and loyalty!