- now also the best place to backorder .cc domains

We are pleased to announce that park.IO now accepts backorders for .cc domains. As our users know, park.IO is the only reliable domain backordering service on the internet. As an example, our success rate with .io domains after the first 4 months of usage is 100%. After hundreds of orders we have a perfect score - meaning that every user who backordered a .io domain with park.IO has either become the owner of the domain or it went to auction.

We’re excited about .cc because there are a lot of competitors, so we will have a better chance to prove ourselves as the best backordering service in the world. Before releasing, we tested our software and it was able to get every expiring .cc domain that we tried to get.

Eventually we plan to allow backorders for every TLD in the world, but we want to take the time to thoroughly develop and test our software so that it lives up to the standards our users have come to expect. Let us know in the comments what TLDs you’d like to see next.

And thanks for using park.IO! If you’ve placed an order or bid in a domain auction up to the end of October 2014, you are one of our very first users and we’ve flagged your account as part of the Founder’s club. We really appreciate your feedback and support, and will offer our loyalty to you in the future.