park.IO users making money flipping domains

I’ve noticed that a few savvy park.IO users have been snapping up domains on park.IO, and then turning around and selling them for a nice profit on Flippa or elsewhere. For example, check out - it was purchased in an auction on park.IO for just $370. The new owner then turned around and immediately listed it on Flippa, where bidding reached $1,000.

Also, sold on park.IO for $109 a couple of weeks ago, and was just listed on Flippa yesterday (still 26 days left in the auction).

In another case a park.IO user bought the domain for $99. After receiving an offer for the domain, we were able to work with this user to negotiate a sale for a nice profit. It was such a quick, successful turnaround that we are considering offering broker services for domains purchased through park.IO. Let us know in the comments below if you would use this service or any feedback you have on the idea. Thanks!

It’s great to see our users making money with the domains they get on park.IO!