- PR4 domain with lots of backlinks

We were able to get when it dropped yesterday. It’s a pretty cool-sounding domain in itself, but we noticed a spike in traffic from Google Analytics after we directed traffic to the auction, and then noticed that was a previous service and is a PR4 domain with a lot of backlinks:

google analytics for

I’m not really sure what the service was, but we are getting a lot of traffic from links like the following:

And there are a ton more… If you search google for “” about a million results come up.

The domain/traffic/page rank may be worthless and does not provide refunds, so buyer beware. Having said that, it seems that an active domain like this could be valuable for building off of all of the backlinks for some great SEO, or building a site that already has traffic.

You can view the auction for here.

Update: There has also been a spike in the number of new users on since we got

new users after