So far, the highest ending auction on was for the domain, which ended October 24, 2014 at $6,385 after 19 bids.

Five users backordered, which we were able to grab when it dropped on August 4. So is now up for auction and as of the time of this post has been bid up to $110.

Since both are cool domain hacks, and an exact match on the “smtp” keyword, it will be interesting to see how the two auctions compare.

Similar sales include for $10,000 just a few months ago in February 2015, and for $1,500 way back in 2008.

We also snagged another cool .to domain - It is so short and memorable, and a repeating 2-letter domain is very rare. Also, it could be used for some cool domain hacks, for example “fast-forward to,” “frequent flyer to,” etc… You can bid in the auction for here.

Best of luck to the bidders!