flipped for $2,305 profit

It’s great to see more park.IO users making a lot of money on domain flips. Congrats to user dkenzik, who bought in a auction for $195 a few months ago and just sold it for $2,500. The buyer contacted the seller through the parked page.

Parking your page on (which happens by default when you purchase a domain) is a great way to sell your domain. Many users sell their domains this way. We have designed the parked page to be very simple, with no advertisements, and often hear from users how they receive many more inquiries about their domains parked on than anywhere else.

We plan to add a way for users to park their other domains on (which is requested often), and we also would like to provide a listing to buyers of all domains parked on (which has also been requested), which will help owners to sell their domains even more.

Check out our blog to see other success stories, and make sure to check the domains dropping in the next week to find a domain you can flip (or use for your own project). Also, sign up for the park.IO newsletter to get updates on sales and domains that are dropping soon.