spine.io sells for $8,000, bought for $99 on park.io

A savvy park.io user got spine.io for $99 about a year and a half ago on Oct 23 2015. They then set a BIN price of $8,000 on the parked page. This month someone bought it via the BIN button on the parked page - that’s a 80x return on investment!

This is what investing in .io domains has been like the last couple of years for many park.io users. They buy something for $99 and then wait and do nothing until someone comes along and buys it for thousands of dollars.

It doesn’t happen with every .io domain they buy, but some users have a knack for knowing which ones are in demand and have been able to make a nice profit like this. The way they do it is:

  • have a good gut feel for which ones are in demand
  • buy several
  • don’t put too high or too low of an asking price

This system seems to work well for a lot of domain investors.