vpn.to takes most backordered prize

park.io was able to snatch the domain vpn.to before any of the other drop catchers, just as it dropped from expiration yesterday. The 10-day public domain auction for vpn.to thus began, breaking the record for the most backordered domain in park.io history with 12 orders. upload.io and im.to shared the most backorder spot previously (each with 10).

vpn.to” makes an awesome domain hack, with a great exact match keyword for VPN, so it will be interesting to watch the auction play out. It is clearly a valuable domain and I am sure could make some nice money on a flip.

vpn.net sold for $16,600 in 2007, and connect.to sold for $16,500 a couple years ago, so it seems like this domain is worth at least 5-figures.