adds 200k+ requests per day

As mentioned in our last post, we were able to get when it dropped last Thursday, and it is getting crazy traffic.

We usually direct all traffic from a domain to the auction page, but it got too intense, so we redirected the traffic to a custom landing page instead.

After looking closer at the stats for the 2 days that we did direct traffic from the domain to, you can see that it added 200,000+ web requests per day to our servers:

daily traffic increase from

Our traffic went from about 50k requests per day to over 250k! That’s pretty insane. I don’t really know what the deal is, but this domain comes with a ton of traffic, which I am sure can be tremendously valuable if it is used properly.

I know some people are very interested in this domain because of this, so it will be interesting to watch the auction finish this weekend.